My name is Karen Miller and I am passionate about wildlife – especially Scottish wildlife.  I can’t think of anything better than being out in the countryside armed with my camera (and waterproofs & midge repellent!) watching and photographing the amazing creatures we share our planet with.

When it comes to photography my aspiration is to capture images that show animals in their  habitat behaving naturally. I don’t believe in photographing just to tick off a species.  In an ideal world, if I didn’t have a day job and a dog who doesn’t travel, I’d be up in the Scottish Highlands every weekend learning as much as I could about the wild inhabitants.  As it is I spend all my vacations in Scotland – we are so lucky to have such a diverse and interesting range of wildlife here in my home country and personally I don’t see the need to travel further at this time.

My favourite animals to photograph are otterspuffins and mountain hares – partly because all three are observed and photographed totally in the wild, no baiting, no set-ups.  This for me is the most rewarding way to photograph and observe animals, it’s an honour to share space with these creatures.

I do have a day job too, working at BBC Radio Scotland on their online content.  This involves live music photography, filming and editing.  You can see a selection of the photographs I’ve taken for the BBC in my live music gallery. I am available for music or event photography throughout the central belt, please contact me to discuss karen@karenmillerphotography.co.uk.


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