I Wrote A Guest Blog – How To Take Emotive Images

I’ve written a guest blog for American wildlife photographer Ray Hennessy.

The blog is about how to take emotive images. It’s something I strive to do and I share some of my tips on how to achieve this yourself.

I cover a number of criteria:

  • Know your subject
  • Eye contact
  • Eye level
  • Anthropomorphic images
  • Adverse weather
  • The “cute” factor
  • Close-ups

If you’d like more detail please check out the blog on Ray’s website and also take the time to look at his wonderful work.


Highland based nature photographer and guide specialising primarily in Scottish wildlife but available to cover live music and events.

2 thoughts on “I Wrote A Guest Blog – How To Take Emotive Images

  1. Hello Karen.
    How are you,keeping well.
    I just want to say,I love your work.Its beautiful.
    It has the wow init and its amazing.
    I hope you will carry on for many eyes to come.
    You bring the wildlife into my sitting room.
    Thankyou.Kate steele-newman 11.2.21

    Liked by 1 person

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